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Icecream, as for anime, watch Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler!  It is the best anime EVERRRRR.  Hunter X Hunter is good too, and Diabolik Lovers is nice.  I’ve heard good things about K Project, Starry Sky, and Mekakucity Actors.  Anyway, I agree with you completely!  Just be yourself.  You are actually one of my many friends who are finishing 9th grade XD  Like, 88% (<— Symmetry- Death The Kid XD) of the anime club at school is made up of highschoolers.  I brought everyone else though XD  I’m so happy (Heh, get it?  Ehhh~?) whenever I see that there’s 8 comments on a post (And that happens a lot on this site now for some reason) because of SYMMETRY!  YES!  SYMMETRY IS LIFE!  SYMMETRY IS BAE!  …  Oh my, Death The Kid really did break me.  And I ruined the symmetry on this post by posting the 9th comment.  And I know you aren’t supposed to start a sentence with and.  And, at this point, too bad.  Forget grammar XD  Anywu (Typo intended), respond soon~  BOTH of you.  Heheh.  Listening to the Attack On Titan opening now btw, and I also started to learn how to play the piano!  I can play Monochrome No Kiss (The first opening song for Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler), and Jinsei Geemu (Game of Life- It’s by Hatsune Miku).  I just have to memorize that other 10% of Jinei Geemu before I move on to anothern song…  Next song-  Guren No Yumiya (The Attack On Titan/Shingeki No Kyojin opening song~!).  Actually, you know what, forget this.  I ain’t (I used to never say ain’t XD) posting this as a comment.  This is gonna’ be a full fledged post.  Congratulation, Comment Chan, you have graduated to post rank!  Okai, time to copy and paste this into the “New Post” section XD

Go, Alois Trancy-  OLE~!  He’s from season 2 of Kuroshitsuji, by the way, Idk if you guys know this show, but it is my favourite!  As you can see, I favour British/Canadian spelling now.
Examples: Favourite, Colour, Honour, etc.

New chatbox~

(Icecream here!)

Hey guys I just put up a new chatbox today… Its really efficient!

All you have to do is go look at the side where the gifts are with the nekos.

There is a new chatbox there and an option to join as a guest or just log into twitter. 

When you click “wanna join” just enter in a name. 

Thats all! Now it will be MUCH more easier to communicate. Xat was a pain to use, also when I went into the xat page it does not show up.

Panda Sweater+Happy’s Back!!!

Hey guys! It’s misspop. Today I made a sweater!

A panda sweater, to be exact.

And yes, I pixeled this whole thing all by myself. :DD

modeling panda sweater

panda sweater

I think its SERIOUSLY adorable. :DD


So, if you’ve seen the post already, then you know….


When I saw her post, I literally freaked out, knowing happy’s my internet BFF!!!

Sorry, a little cheesy, but true.


Back to the point, I’m so excited your back! I’m so excited the whole Trinigiri is back! And yes happy, we should TOTALLY name this blog the Fabulous Trinigiri, that’s an amazing name. Icecream, its up to you now.

Urghhhh I’m so excited!!!

Okay, thats probably all I should put in this ppost, unless you want a 2,000+ word post explainging how happy I am that happy is back!

Okay, bye now~

~Misspop149 ❤

I’m Back!!!

Hi everyone, it is I- Happy!  I am so sorry for not being active on the blog.  It looks so beautiful!  When I went to check up on the blog I was scrolling through posts, and the old memories one did it.  I was literally brought to tears…  FEELS!  Anyway, I’ll try my best to be active on this blog more!  So many memories…  And… OMG I’M MIKU ON THE BLOG HEADER WHICH IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL BY THE WAY OMG YAYYY


Edits, then and now

Hey guys! I decided to make a post on how much my editing has improved/changed.

First, the makeup:

makeup before and after

Comment which one you like better.

The before one was used from the Fantage Spy’s tutorial. I created the now makeup.

Now, I’m comparing an edit I made EXACTLY one year ago on August 3, 2014, and my OC.

edit 8 That was made August 3, 2014.

OC OC Starbucks My OC.

I didn’t pixel anything on that edit. For my OC, I pixeled the top half of the hair, and 100% of everything else, including the pose and Starbucks Drink.

So yeah, that’s really all I wanted to show you guys. I think my editing has improved A LOT over the last year.

Comment down below what you think. 🙂


~Misspop149 ❤

*Internet Applause*


So one day I’m just like, hmm, I haven’t checked this blog in a whilel, I’ll see whats going on

And then I come to this new amazing background

and the header





It’s so beautiful

tho there’s one flaw

u spelled my ‘name’ wrong

Misspop has 2 s in it, not just one lol

but if u wanna leave it like tht i don’t really care, it doesn’t really matter

I still LOVE the header

I totally reccommend Icecream for blog designs so if you need anyone to design ur website ask Icecream

Okay u probably shouldn’t do tht without her approval


okay bye

~Misspop149 ❤

Old memories

Omg guys

So I was just scrolling throughout all these old posts from the blog that we made atleast 1 or 2 years ago, and it brought back all these memories

Like when I made the post about wanting happy to come back:

And when Happy made the post about being alone:

If you remember those days when me, happy, and icecream were starting to lost contact with each other, like thisp ost


The post when Happy got hacked the second time:


My VERY FIRST post on this blog:


When I was so immature and got hacked and was so selfish I posted a post about needing Bunny Nose:


When Icecream Quit:

When I Found Out Happy Came Back:


When I learned to Make Boxed Text:

Aaand that’s about it 🙂

I just made this post for fun

I’m really happy that Icecream and I am getting the blog started again, now all we need it Happy…

To Icecream~I’ll comment on happy’s vids if she makes any new ones soon, and hopefully she’ll see them and come back here 🙂

Oki, bye!
~Misspop149 ❤


Plans to change up the site soon. (ICECREAM)

So if you are reading this happy – I made another post below about my summer. If you want to read it, please scroll down! 

I have an idea! We should change the site into our own personal blog. Where we can post about anything and just communicate with each other.

Really, I just want to change the interior of the site and update it with new stuff. Also organize the pages a bit.( Comment below for requests and ideas to give me on what to change on the site) I will let happy and misspop decide what they would like to be on the site. You can send me pictures on what you would like for me to put on the website.

Here are the things I need to change: (you guys can give me ideas)




-Gifs and Animation

I will be making a seperate page for fantage related stuff and topics. This is because right now this blog isnt really about fantage anymore.

You guys need to comment down below to give me ideas and your suggestions.